Welcome to the official website of fiber artist Lu Peters. This website is intended to educate and inspire fiber artists from all disciplines and backgrounds.

The most popular feature of the site is Lu’s extensive collection of booklists and resource lists. You can also find information by fiberart subject area, using the sidebar links on the right side of every page.

She also travels the U.S. to see the latest fiberart and fashion exhibits, and posts reviews, schedules, and news.

Please contact Lu if you have any suggestions or special requests for what you’d like to see on the site.

2011 Textile & Fiberarts Events

The upcoming events page has been completely updated for 2011.  Please contact me if you have any additional events to include!

Booklists updated for 2011!

The extensive bibliographies have been updated for 2011! Please note that there is considerable overlap in some categories, such as Mixed Media and Printing and Dyeing, so please check multiple lists.

I’d love to hear from you with any comments or suggested additions, and hope that you enjoy browsing these booklists and find inspiration for your own work!

Shapes of Things to Come by Lu Peters and Connie Akers

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